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Malvazija – Nos Tra – 2017

36,60  z vključenim ddv

A captivating journey with our Malvasia Nos Tra 2017, a true masterpiece from the sun-drenched vineyards of Manžan, overlooking the Gulf of Koper and the Julian Alps. Harvested between September 12 and 15, 2017, each grape cluster is treated delicately, with no more than 1.5 kg per vine.

Crafted using traditional methods, the grapes undergo maceration for six days, initiating spontaneous fermentation in open containers. The careful dipping of the “hat” during this process ensures les oxidation. After quilting, the Malvasia ages for an additional 8 months on fine lees, a part in inox barrels and the rest in used wooden Barrique casks.

With no added sulfur before bottling, this Malvasia boasts an intense golden yellow color with amber shades, showcasing its unfiltered, slightly cloudy nature. The aromatic journey is a Mediterranean odyssey, with notes of ripe yellow fruits, dried flowers, herbs, sweet spices, and vanilla. The taste is equally rich, fresh, with an elegant body and a subtle, salty mineral tang.

Gentle, warm, and indicative of a higher alcoholic content, our Malvasia is a stellar representation of the variety. An extraordinary wine that speaks volumes, it’s an emotionally rich and unique experience, echoing the terroir’s distinctiveness.

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Malvazija – Nos Tra – 2017

36,60  z vključenim ddv

Dive into the groove with Malvasia Nos Tra 2017, straight from Manžan’s sunny slopes. Picked between Sept 12-15, 2017, each grape gets the VIP treatment—no more than 1.5 kg per vine.

Macerated for six days, this wine is a Mediterranean party of ripe fruits, dried flowers, herbs, spices, and vanilla. It’s not just a wine; it’s a dance of freshness, elegance, and a hint of salty swagger—no added sulfur, just good vibes.

Our Malvasia isn’t just a sip; it’s a silly, sophisticated celebration.

Hold onto your taste buds, folks! Our mischievous Malvazija Nos Tra is ready to plunge into a sea of culinary chaos with this buttery fish extravaganza. Brace yourselves for a delicious tale of underwater whimsy and vineyard voodoo!

Buttery Fish with Malvazija Nos Tra Twist

b– 4 fish fillets (e.g., sea bass or sea bream)
– 115g unsalted butter
– 2 cloves garlic, minced
– 1 teaspoon paprika
– Salt and pepper to taste
– Zest of 1 lemon
– 240ml Malvazija Nos Tra
– Fresh parsley, chopped (for garnish)
– Lemon wedges (for serving)

Buttery Potatoes:
– 4 large potatoes, peeled and diced
– 60g unsalted butter
– Salt and pepper to taste
– Chopped chives (for garnish)

Buttery Fish:
1. Season the fish fillets with salt, pepper, and paprika.
2. In a large skillet, melt half of the butter over medium heat.
3. Add minced garlic and cook until fragrant.
4. Place the seasoned fish fillets in the skillet and cook until golden brown on both sides.
5. Pour in Malvazija Nos Tra and let it simmer for a few minutes until the alcohol evaporates.
6. Add the remaining butter and lemon zest. Baste the fish with the sauce.
7. Cook until the fish is cooked through and flakes easily. Garnish with fresh parsley.

Buttery Potatoes:
1. Boil the diced potatoes until tender. Drain and set aside.
2. In a separate pan, melt butter over medium heat.
3. Add the boiled potatoes, season with salt and pepper, and sauté until golden brown.
4. Garnish with chopped chives.

Serve the buttery fish over a bed of buttery potatoes, and pour a glass of Malvazija Nos Tra to elevate the dining experience. Enjoy your culinary adventure! ????????️


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