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Malvazija – Pilj – 2017 Magnum

305,00  z vključenim ddv

Crafted from grapes harvested on the hills of Manžan, Pilj – Malvazija 2017 is a true expression of minimal intervention winemaking. With a vine load of just over half a kilogram, the grapes underwent a gentle 6-day maceration, followed by a year on the lees. Aged in used oak barrels, this wine boasts a full-bodied taste, deep amber color, and aromas of tropical fruits, vanilla, and Sichuan pepper. Pleasant and soulful – Pilj is a wine that speaks to the heart.

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Malvazija – Pilj – 2017 Magnum

305,00  z vključenim ddv

Harvested in the hills of Manžan, the minimal intervention winemaking journey begins with gentle 6-day maceration. The wine then spends a year on the lees, creating a unique depth of flavor. Aged in used oak barrels, Pilj – Malvazija 2017 is a testament to craftsmanship and tradition.

Tasting Notes:
– Colour: Deep amber, a visual delight.
– Aroma: Aromatic symphony featuring ripe tropical fruits, fennel, almonds, and a slightly nutty essence.

– Taste: Full-bodied and rich, this Malvazija delivers a soulful experience with notes of fennel, almonds, and a gentle nuttiness.

Food Pairing Recommendations:
Pilj pairs exquisitely with a range of dishes, including fennel, raw marinated fish, sea-full delights like oysters, grilled pork, braised pork in dark sauce, and grilled carrots with fermented cheese.

Serving Temperature:
To unlock its full potential, serve Pilj – Malvazija 2017 at a temperature between 12-15°C.

Additional Information:
Crafted with care and dedication, Pilj – Malvazija 2017 reflects the unique terroir of the Manžan Hills. With minimal intervention and a commitment to tradition, this wine is a delightful addition to any occasion. Enjoy the soulful journey of each sip.


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