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Pino 2019

21,96  z vključenim ddv

Pino is the rockstar of a cellar full of Malvazias, undergoing a rebellious spa day with indigenous yeast and a three-day groove skin contact at natural cellar temperatures. This slightly golden onion-hued wine boasts a complex yet elegant taste, almost sugar-free, revealing strong minerality in every sip. Maturing in inox tanks, it preserves the grape purity, sourced from the sunny hills near Hrvatini, overseeing the Gulf of Koper like a boss. Pino: a versatile companion for those seeking a sophisticated white wine with a rebellious charm.

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Pino 2019

21,96  z vključenim ddv

Crafted with a dedication to natural winemaking, Pino (Pino Grigio grapes) undergoes a meticulous process. Unfiltered and inoculated with indigenous yeast, the wine is allowed to ferment at natural cellar temperatures. A brief maceration of three days imparts character. Maturation takes place in inox tanks, preserving the purity of the grapes. Sourced from the sunny hills near Hrvatini, overlooking the Gulf of Koper, this wine boasts strong minerality.

Tasting Notes:
Colour: A slightly golden onion hue, reflecting this grape specific character.

Aroma: Pino  is a dry wine with almost no residual sugar (approx. 1g/l). The complex yet elegant taste profile reveals strong minerality, creating a distinctive and refined experience.

Food Pairing Recommendations:
Pino is a versatile companion, pairing exceptionally well with a variety of dishes, from light seafood to fresh salads. Its elegant taste profile makes it a delightful choice for those seeking a balanced and sophisticated white wine but still

Serving Temperature:
To unlock its full flavor potential, serve Pino at a temperature of approximately [Enter recommended temperature]°C.

Additional Information:
Crafted from grapes grown in the sunny hills near Hrvatini, overlooking the Gulf of Koper, Pino is a testament to the region’s unique terroir. The wine’s dedication to natural winemaking, strong minerality, and balanced taste profile make it a standout in the region full of Malvasia 😉


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