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Tnx Berlin

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There are three extraordinary days behind us in Berlin. Chees Berlin start of november // and RAW WINE Berlin // 2019 – 12/1 + 12/2. Lots of new insights, beautiful moments and exciting experiences. Indeed, after intense appearances, we may be a little tired, but full of the new energy that has been given to us by numerous visitors, friends, followers and those who have surprised and delighted us with our wines #butulwineselection and chees #butulcheeseselection, presentation and our appearance in the German capital. A sold-out workshop //, a visit to the event and new contacts, as well as the fact that we are well anchored in the German market and increasingly recognizable, is a reaffirmation that we are on the right track. Thank you to all who stand by us for helping us and cooperating with us.