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Terra madre day 2018 – Maceracija je naša tradicija

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The maceration of white wines in Istria and Karst, as well as extensively throughout the Primorska region, where vines grow, is a tradition that extends centuries ago. It is the processing of white wines in the way of red, which is actually a traditional approach, since white wines have always been left in contact with grape skins in these ends.

If the mint for maceration white wine “orange or amber wines” is quite new, it is likely to be among the practice of Anglosaxons that they have accurately labelled a group of wines from grapes of white vine varieties for which the longer contact was necessary in the process characterised by Strawberry Foreskins, we hae not to forget that this is nothing new for us. If these wines are for someone a revolution, they are a tradition for us. And that’s what we need to know and tell the whole world.

That’s why this year’s Mother Earth Day is 10. December , organised by Slow food Primorska, devoted to conversation and evaluation of macerated white wines.  //

We will be hosted by Homestead Butul at Manžanu, where we begin at 19.00. Istrian snacks and a range of macerirated white wines from Slovenia and abroad (the set is already more than 20) you will be able to t try only if you sign up in time, as the number of places is limited.

For members Slow Food Primorska and Slow Food Štajerska, degustation is free of charge, and for others interested it is payable.

All informations you can get on email of telephone number 00386 41 718219.