Skoči na vsebino

Cured fish ready for the new menu

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We’re back in our Food Atelier, settled very good. I went to the local market to see what’s new since we prepared a nice Slovenian week on Sri Lanka and we were out of the country. Our garden is full of surprises, too and ready to make people feel how real vegetables taste like.

Today I was realy happy to see that my favorite summer fish came in season, the Mackerel (Slo: Skuša). I adore the texture and versability of the nice meat it has. Those you see on the picture are now cured with salt and sugar and ready for a strong seafull cold starter with apple pure and wild fenel.

We always like people to make the reservations before coming to our degustations, so be the smart guest and call us at least 1-2 days before. Here you have all the contacts.