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Črno vino/Black wine

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With all the innovations in the world of winemaking, it is right to pay regular attention to tradition. Increasingly, we are looking for ways to cultivate with the new knowledge the varieties already studied by our ancestors. But can we do that when it comes to words, adjectives? Because our old fathers, at least in Istria, always drank Black wine.
The use of the word “black wine” seems quite reasonable and straightforward, since with good harvest, long enough maceration and proper aging, refocus can be anything but red. RexFuscus, or King of Darkness, has been brainwashing many connoisseurs and we are pleased to see this variety, even in recent years. is giving more and more attention

With this special, new questions are always raised, opinions are raised, and new methods of production are being developed. This also confirms the fact that Slovenian Refosk is a great potential for the wine world, as well as for the promotion of tourism. Like a wine that invites to the places where we produce it. It is wine, they say, that you can try at least twice to love it and it definitely deserves a breakdown.

As we always like to point out, there are at least five wine colors in Slovenia. And it is black that indicates and describes the refosco.
December 10th is also the official “Terra Madre Day” (SlowFood), with thousands of small table events taking place each year, with a round table and a series of “Black Wine-Black Wine” tastings at Manžan pri Koper (Farm stay Butul). ”, Where in the semi-formal environment we will talk about the potential of Refosko and other dark specialties.
In addition to tasting refosco, we will also try some local and seasonal dishes. #blackwine #črnovino #visitkoper #visitslovenia #goodwine #vinonero #refošk #lasistre