Skoči na vsebino

Recipe: Livers + figs + beetroot

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Quick pan fried veal liver on a marmelade with figs and lavander. Rosemary beetroot. Pesto of roasted walnuts and 2 years old cheese (Tolminc. From a region called Tolminska) with home made red wine vinegar. Pan fried shallots. Young leaves of yarrow, clover and another wild herb, that I don’t know the english name (Sanguisorba minor).


Fresh veal livers (soaked in milk for 1 night)
Whole beetroot with peel

For Walnuts & Tolminc crumble
110 g Tolminc aged 24 months
45 g Garlic
350 g Walnuts
300 g Extra virgin olive oil Butul
50 g Water
30 g Home made wine vinegar with herbs Butul
15 g Salt
2 g Black pepper

Fig marmelade with lavander Butul
Fresh wild herbs


Cook the beetroot in salty water with rosemary (cca. 45Min – 1h). Cool it down and take off the peel. Cut on cubes 1×1 cm and set aside.

For a toasted flavor, roast walnuts in a single layer at 149°C for 30 minutes.

Microplane cheese and garlic.

Process nuts in food processor to a small crumble. Don’t process too much, or you’ll make butter.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, and gently fold with a spatula, to make pesto-kind crumble.

Heat the fig marmelade with lavander and set aside.

Pan fry 1x1cm (or as desired) veal liver cubes until medium+ rare. Season with salt an pepper just at the end, when you take the liver cubes out of the pan.

Quick pan frie some thinely sliced shallots.

On the photo you see my way of plating, but feel free to make it your way. Enjoy!