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Salad anyone?


Marinated zucchini salad with fresh herbal ricotta, wild herbs pesto, cold apple and squid ink pure, fermented beetroot powder, fresh wild herbs and our extra virgin olive oil

In this hot days a salad it’s the best refreshing meal. If you also use just local ingredients (our garden and small farmer’s gardens), the taste is even better. Feel free to contact us and come for a refreshing salad that we can pick together 😀 

Bbq wedding party

We did this bbq wedding party in our style, with hq ingredients, fine dining techniques and passion. For now we have few shots for meat lovers. If you like to send us a demand for a bbq catering, feel free to contact us.

“Make it family style and tasty!” they sad. We did.



Working with high quality veggies


Peter Cerkvenik (Farm Pierucci, Isola) and Črt Butul


We want just the best for our guests, so we are working with farmers from the area. This time big Peter (Eko farm Pieruci) brought us some kohlrabi, spring onions, zucchini and potatoes. Everything biological, everything beautyfull and delicious.

Our bees

We are really proud of our bees this year. They managed to produce 350kg of sweet gold from 16 hives, mostly from acacia flowers and some fruits (cherry, pear, apple, plums,…). Can’t wait to show you the new experiments from the kitchen we made earier this week. This honey is amazing and it goes perfect with a starter we made.


WineyardOur old experimental wineyard (malvazija. refošk.) , cured just with natural ingredients (cinnamon we pick ourselfs, tea with wild herbs…). Let’s do some magic.

Dutch media about us



A nice article on about Slovenia and us. They say that “our food is magic”.


Tiny catering for “GreenPeace Slovenia”


Small but cute catering in Alga gallery in Isola, Slovenia. As always: first quality products from our farm and small farms in the area.

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