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Butul wine selection

All wines are aged in wooden barrels without the use of any oenological ingredients, except small amounts of sulphur (max. 50 mg/l for white wines and 30 mg/l for red wines) added only before bottling. All wines are not filtered and no temperature control is used in the cellar. We do not use selected yeasts, all wines start fermentation with the indigenous, native yeasts from the vineyard. The same applies for malolactic fermentation, which is completely spontaneous with indigenous bacteria. All wines are aged sur-lie (on the yeast lees, sediment) for two years or more in a wooden barrel to add richness, depth and intensity and to naturally absorb oxygen in the juice. We use the traditional process of prolonged maceration for all red wines and also for our whites. The result of the macerated white grapes is a typical orange wine, a traditional type of white from the Karst and Istria regions. We also use the process of drying grapes for some selected dry (not sweet) wines. There is a tradition of drying grapes in the Karst and Istria regions; this process was used to produce high-level wines for the aristocracy. The secret of good grape berry drying is the natural drying process of the ‘burja’ wind (a cold northerly regional wind). The result is a special amarone type of dry red wine and also some dry whites. Dried grapes are also used as a “spice” for other wines, adding richness to our ripasso style wines.

Hit this summer           Baby Orange Malvazija 2017

This is our latest line of 100% natural grape juice, without any additonal sulphur or any other add-on. The freshness, minerality and sustainable long mouthfeel are preserved in a completely natural way. The bottling occurred with the mixture of the wine with its sediments of healthy lees. It serves as a natural antioxidant and gives additional richness. Knowing that, it is a pleasure to drink it even if it is intentionally cloudy. 2017 was a good year for our Malvazija. The grapes were macerated for 2 weeks and put in barrels on lees from actual and few previous years. It has an alcohol volume of 12,0 %. It presents a very specific mineral taste, combined with the citrus freshness of young wines. Slightly chilled it is perfect as a summer wine.

baby orange

Malvazija Butul 2015 is well rated at the tasting of orange wines in the Netherlands

In one of “orange wines” tastings in the Netherlands, our “Malvazija Butul 2015 ” (Lady malvasia)  was extremely interesting among  macerations. This is again proof that we are on the right track with ” Butul wine selection”.

Butul – Malvazija 2015, Slovenska Istra, Slovenië (malvasia, 3 weken schilcontact): Heldergeel met zweem groen. Sappig, iets kruidig, appel, perzik, wat mandarijn, vrij elegant, nauwelijks tot geen tannines, medium zuren, bittertje. (1)”

Documentary about SLovenia with us

The Moldovan National Television recorded an interesting documentary about Slovenia, where the emphasis was also on the advantages of Slovene Istria and its rich Mediterranean  nature and gastronomie . From 45;50 minutes onwards, our contribution. You are invited to visit

With the connection program we are in the final of the “Tourist Gems of Slovenia”

In our region, we are known for connections with local producers, providers and those with whom we share the common philosophy of life with nature and the respectful enjoyment of the fruits that nature offers us. For our guests we prepare individual programs of experiences. Our program is now among the finalists of the “Slovenia’s hidden gems“, by the choice of the national radio Slovenia.  The experience was also described by our guest from Colombia who visited us with his family. 


We invite you to visit us, feel our work and activity, or even cast your vote if you want our program to still be recognized

Zlata oljčna vejica je naša

We were proud to receive the Golden Olive Twig Award for our Istrska Belica Olive Oil, “Zlata oljčna vejica”

This is again proof, that only hard and dedicated work can produce top results. Thanks to all of you who stand by us and help us. That’s why our olive oil is already in many homes arround the world and also in some world-renowned restaurants. #traditionisourmission.

The Istrian white (”istrska belica”) is one of the most common old sorts of olive trees in the Slovenian Istria.  Among all oils the Istrian white is the richest with natural antioxidants, growing up on the northest pat of mediterranean area.

Active holidays

Active holidays on Farmstay Butul good also for familyes with little children. May is a perfect climate to walk arround exploring the nature.
This was also felt by a nice Austrian blogger – Jeannine. “Endzwanzigerin, Mama, Verlobte und Wienerin “ You are also welcome.

Verwacht veel avontuur in het glas

If you will be around the Film festival in Netherland, you will have a possibility to taste family Butul  wine selection from Manžan , brought  there from Martin, the owner of

Rady for RAW Berlin

The appearance at RAW Berlin is a new chapter for us. We will introduce ourselves to our wines and our story. Friday we have a special workshop  on Saturday at the Marktale Neun market on Sunday 13  and on Monday, May 14 at the Raw Berlin Festival. You are invited to join us.


We are ranked in the “SLOVENIA’S HIDDEN GEMS” selection. We would also like to give you your vote. Tnx. 

Recipe: Livers + figs + beetroot

Quick pan fried veal liver on a marmelade with figs and lavander. Rosemary beetroot. Pesto of roasted walnuts and 2 years old cheese (Tolminc. From a region called Tolminska) with home made red wine vinegar. Pan fried shallots. Young leaves of yarrow, clover and another wild herb, that I don’t know the english name (Sanguisorba minor).


Fresh veal livers (soaked in milk for 1 night)
Whole beetroot with peel

For Walnuts & Tolminc crumble
110 g Tolminc aged 24 months
45 g Garlic
350 g Walnuts
300 g Extra virgin olive oil Butul
50 g Water
30 g Home made wine vinegar with herbs Butul
15 g Salt
2 g Black pepper

Fig marmelade with lavander Butul
Fresh wild herbs


Cook the beetroot in salty water with rosemary (cca. 45Min – 1h). Cool it down and take off the peel. Cut on cubes 1×1 cm and set aside.

For a toasted flavor, roast walnuts in a single layer at 149°C for 30 minutes.

Microplane cheese and garlic.

Process nuts in food processor to a small crumble. Don’t process too much, or you’ll make butter.

Combine all ingredients in a bowl, and gently fold with a spatula, to make pesto-kind crumble.

Heat the fig marmelade with lavander and set aside.

Pan fry 1x1cm (or as desired) veal liver cubes until medium+ rare. Season with salt an pepper just at the end, when you take the liver cubes out of the pan.

Quick pan frie some thinely sliced shallots.

On the photo you see my way of plating, but feel free to make it your way. Enjoy!

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