All wines are aged in wooden barrels without the use of any oenological ingredients, except small amounts of sulphur (max. 50 mg/l for white wines and 30 mg/l for red wines) added only before bottling. All wines are not filtered and no temperature control is used in the cellar. We do not use selected yeasts, all wines start fermentation with the indigenous, native yeasts from the vineyard. The same applies for malolactic fermentation, which is completely spontaneous with indigenous bacteria. All wines are aged sur-lie (on the yeast lees, sediment) for two years or more in a wooden barrel to add richness, depth and intensity and to naturally absorb oxygen in the juice. We use the traditional process of prolonged maceration for all red wines and also for our whites. The result of the macerated white grapes is a typical orange wine, a traditional type of white from the Karst and Istria regions. We also use the process of drying grapes for some selected dry (not sweet) wines. There is a tradition of drying grapes in the Karst and Istria regions; this process was used to produce high-level wines for the aristocracy. The secret of good grape berry drying is the natural drying process of the ‘burja’ wind (a cold northerly regional wind). The result is a special amarone type of dry red wine and also some dry whites. Dried grapes are also used as a “spice” for other wines, adding richness to our ripasso style wines.

Hit this summer           Baby Orange Malvazija 2017

This is our latest line of 100% natural grape juice, without any additonal sulphur or any other add-on. The freshness, minerality and sustainable long mouthfeel are preserved in a completely natural way. The bottling occurred with the mixture of the wine with its sediments of healthy lees. It serves as a natural antioxidant and gives additional richness. Knowing that, it is a pleasure to drink it even if it is intentionally cloudy. 2017 was a good year for our Malvazija. The grapes were macerated for 2 weeks and put in barrels on lees from actual and few previous years. It has an alcohol volume of 12,0 %. It presents a very specific mineral taste, combined with the citrus freshness of young wines. Slightly chilled it is perfect as a summer wine.

baby orange