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Farm stay Butul – member of the Routes of the Olive tree

Farm stay Butul has been certified as a member of an international association of the Routes of the Olive Tree //

The certificate is awarded by a verified program that falls within the scope of the international program Cultural Routes of the Council of Europe programme //

Intervju s Črtom na Radio Koper

A great interview with Črt Butul on Radio Koper.

// Črt on the new project #primeni //, on Slovenian gastronomy, art in all aspects and on the future based on tradition, local peculiarities and the future, including whether Slovenia is ready for 2021, when Slovenia will be a European gastronomic region. You are invited to listen.

Mladina #konzum nam je podelila najvišjo oceno “izjemno”

We have been working in Manžan for two decades to share our way of life with others. We have a lot of effort, renunciation, learning, exploration and respect. Respect for tradition, respect for people, respect for genuine ideas and good deeds. We welcome our guests and our offer with our hearts. It is obvious that people is coming back to Manžan. Every guest is important for us and we treat each one equally and everyone is always welcome when they come with good intentions. Only announcement is needed. When they are happy when they leave, so we are. We have been trying for over two decades. Here in Manžan, now also in Ljubljana #primeni // . This is proof that we are on the right way. Thanks // #konzum (one of the most credible “storytellers” of gastronomic stories in Slovenia) for highest score and sure tnx Boštjan Napotnik, for feeling this and outlining it nicely in the post. That praise remains a commitment to the future. How’s it going? “There are no obstacles and no boundaries for us.” Welcome.

Pri meni/At my place

In the center of the Slovenian capital, Ljubljana, at the end of the year, we launched a new project “Pri meni/At my place”. An appointment only supper club with paired tastings, low intervention wines, natural products from our personal farm stay, combined with music and other art. More information //

Refošk 2015 – from #butulwineselection among the top 10 black wines of Istria and the Karst

In an article by an Italian journalist, also editor of the Slow wine portal, which publishes one of the best-selling wine guides in Italy and Europe //, he prepared a selection of the best wines of Teran and Refosco on the Italian and Slovenian sides of the Karst and Istria. Our refosco – Refošk 2015 was also among the Top 10. This is a recognition and a commitment for us to continue. //

Black wine will be the future again

“Black wine is our tradition.” At the Terra Madre Day Round Table on Terra Madre Day, in cooperation with Las Istra, we brought to the great pleasure of the visitors of the meeting, the support of many coastal winemakers and much public acceptance. Black wine is our tradition and remains. Preparations for the Black Wine Festival in 2020 began . Some media have also written about the event, and special contributions are being prepared on the topic. // //

S Love nian Hidden gems

It’s been a year since receiving the “Slovenia hidden gems” award. // We continue to strive and will strive to make your visit to Slovenian Istria full of unforgettable moments. Within a year, we also linked our stories with the experiences in the Slovenian capital – Ljubljana. // Thank you all for your support and help. #sloveniahiddengems.

Črno vino/Black wine

With all the innovations in the world of winemaking, it is right to pay regular attention to tradition. Increasingly, we are looking for ways to cultivate with the new knowledge the varieties already studied by our ancestors. But can we do that when it comes to words, adjectives? Because our old fathers, at least in Istria, always drank Black wine.
The use of the word “black wine” seems quite reasonable and straightforward, since with good harvest, long enough maceration and proper aging, refocus can be anything but red. RexFuscus, or King of Darkness, has been brainwashing many connoisseurs and we are pleased to see this variety, even in recent years. is giving more and more attention

With this special, new questions are always raised, opinions are raised, and new methods of production are being developed. This also confirms the fact that Slovenian Refosk is a great potential for the wine world, as well as for the promotion of tourism. Like a wine that invites to the places where we produce it. It is wine, they say, that you can try at least twice to love it and it definitely deserves a breakdown.

As we always like to point out, there are at least five wine colors in Slovenia. And it is black that indicates and describes the refosco.
December 10th is also the official “Terra Madre Day” (SlowFood), with thousands of small table events taking place each year, with a round table and a series of “Black Wine-Black Wine” tastings at Manžan pri Koper (Farm stay Butul). ”, Where in the semi-formal environment we will talk about the potential of Refosko and other dark specialties. //
In addition to tasting refosco, we will also try some local and seasonal dishes. #blackwine #črnovino #visitkoper #visitslovenia #goodwine #vinonero #refošk #lasistre

Tnx Berlin

There are three extraordinary days behind us in Berlin. Chees Berlin start of november // and RAW WINE Berlin // 2019 – 12/1 + 12/2. Lots of new insights, beautiful moments and exciting experiences. Indeed, after intense appearances, we may be a little tired, but full of the new energy that has been given to us by numerous visitors, friends, followers and those who have surprised and delighted us with our wines #butulwineselection and chees #butulcheeseselection, presentation and our appearance in the German capital. A sold-out workshop //, a visit to the event and new contacts, as well as the fact that we are well anchored in the German market and increasingly recognizable, is a reaffirmation that we are on the right track. Thank you to all who stand by us for helping us and cooperating with us.

Raw wine Berlin & Butul

We will also be presenting this year with our #butulwineselection in Berlin at Raw wine Berlin. // We will be hosting an event on Saturday as part of the #rawwineweekend //, and on December 1st and 2nd we will be at the festival // with a range of our wines. You are invited. //

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