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Guide Michelin in SLovenia

The Michelin guide comes to Slovenia. Črt have experience in the restaurants of Mischelin’s star and can therefore tell you about Slovenian gastronomy on this news and how we are prepared to make Slovenia a European gastronomic region in 2021. An interesting interview in the central Slovenian newspaper Delo. //

Healty olive leaves

A resounding workshop at the “Agricultural Days 2019” #dnevikmetijstva2019 in Koper on the use of olive leaves and the benefits of this gift of nature that we have in Slovenian Istria. @tatjana.butul#butul is one of the first in the area to teach about this. New workshops are prepared in Slovenia and worldwide.

Butul wines in guide Slow wine 2020

We are again ranked in the most selling wine guide in Italy. “Slow wine 2020 ” This is for us a great confermation. Thanks for confirming that we’re on the right track. #butulwineselection
Siamo di nuovo classificati nella guida vinicola più venduta d’Italia. “Slow wine 2020” Questa è per noi una grande conferma. Grazie per aver confermato, che siamo sulla strada giusta.

Butul cheese selection

The story next to our dunes continues. #butulchesseselection we just had the principles of last year’s cheese with #blacktea. Amazing flavors and exceptional aroma. With him we go proudly to our friends and to the world. First meeting at the @slow_food_events#slowchesse in Bra in September and then in November #chesseberlin. //

Wines in oak barrels

Our wines mature in used oak barrels. This gives them a special note and time to mature before stuffing them into bottles. #butulwineselection

Masterchef SLovenia

Masterchef Slovenia is behind us. Congratulations to the winner @anzekuplenik Anže, praises @sanjasirk . It was interesting to participate in this show and thank @atelierkarim_ and @poptvprogram for their invitation to participate.

Medeni vodnik

Izšla je nova knjiga, Medeni vodnik, kjer je ustvarjalna @kajapoga Kaja Pogačar zbrala recepte iz zanimivih in odličnih lokacij slovenske gastronomije. Rdeča nit vodnika so jedi pripravljen iz slovenskega medu. Na str. 54 je Domačija Butul, predstavljena z receptom @crtbutul Črt Butul. Kaja čestitke. S to knjigo si prispevala zanimiv in poučen prikaz pestrosti in izvirnosti slovenske gastronomije.

Butul selection in Singapore

You can also get #butulwineselection wines in Singapore. We also arrange home delivery. Just communicate your wishes.

Črt Butul – at socio-culinary concept

At the end of the summer, in the Slovenian capital – Ljubljana, a series of social and culinary events “Kucha Chasti” started. The first edition, was introduced by our Črt Butul , which is also known for its charity. Together with Kuche’s representatives, he made surplus culinary delights from food surplus. The guests donated a meal to the socially endangered people with each purchased meal, and they succeeded at the first event, which was visited above all expectations. They collected nearly 150 free meals (exactly 144), distributed to those who can not afford it. Honestly, noble. Congratulations.

People 1/3 of all food produced in the world are discarded, and this is largely unimpaired, edible food. It may be a surplus of farmers’ produce or a by-product of production of some kind of raw material for which the industry is not yet in a solution. Foods that are immediately before the expiration of a deadline or such that is just ripe for ingestion, but are classified by the trade as overwhelming. Maybe it’s just not enough aesthetic for the shelves.
That’s why we joined the # Kucha Chasti project. “This is a socio-culinary concept that we have worked together with our brothers to spit from the humanitarian society Food for Life (HZŽ), whose mission is to feed the world’s population fairly. The goal is to reach 200 divided meals a day in one year. to succeed! ” they wrote on //

Sri Lanka

It is also nice to try Slovenian wines in Sri Lanka. At the Mount Lavinia Hotel you can find Slovenian wines on a wine list, which we consider to be a great success as well as to find among the ingredients of this hotel also products #butulselection, such as our extra virgin olive oil.

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